Women and the struggle for equality essay

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Women and the struggle for equality essay

The paper explores general characteristics of the development of standards in the field of human rights, Bill of rights, the evolution and expansion of human rights in the United States from till today, modern standards of human rights, annual reports on human rights and the status of various groups in American society before the outbreak of the Civil War, such as common men, immigrants, native Americans, women, and Afro-Americans.

The paper puts forward the thesis that equality was achieved later, only after the Declaration of Independence was signed; the USA reached equality and universal rights in a complicated way.

The paper confirms the thesis. We'll write an from scratch according to your instructions! The country was made up of a lot of parts, a lot of races, nationalities, ethnic groups, ideas and beliefs.

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However, this country has played an important role in the development of human rights within its own territory and on the territory of other countries. The Declaration of Independence stated the equality of all people since the time of their creation.

And the thesis of this paper is that this equality was achieved only later; the USA reached equality and universal rights in a complicated way. General Characteristics of the Development of Standards in the Field of Human Rights The United States carried the positive international action in the name of human rights.

In this essay the myth of equality between men and women will be discussed and progress made by women so far, for the fight of equality will be examined. Two areas will be mainly looked at ;equality of men and women in the workplace and equality of men and women in the home. Essay Canadian Women And The Struggle For Equality Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality Lorna R. Marsden’s Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality: The Road to Gender Equality since is one that documents the journey of women in Canada almost years ago and the key moments in their journey towards equality. Abstract. The research paper investigates equality and universal rights in the USA from the middle of the 19th century to the modern age. The paper explores general characteristics of the development of standards in the field of human rights, Bill of rights, the evolution and expansion of human rights in the United States from till today, modern standards of human rights, annual reports.

At the time when the American colonists felt the need to separate from the British Empire, they had already had laws and customs, which recognized the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

They also cherished the right of addressing to the government with different petitions, using a jury and influence the management of their own affairs.

Because of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights first 10 amendments to the Constitutionthe world witnessed the first experiment in the creation of the government, which is established in order to respect and protection the rights of its citizens.

Women and the struggle for equality essay

At first, the Americans did not talk about "human rights" as such, but they wanted freedom. Many of the first colonists arrived in the New World seeking religious freedom, which they were deprived of in Europe of the 17th century. Creating their communities, they gradually obtained a sense of religious tolerance and the desire for the self-government.

Bill of Rights In new Constitution was enlarged by new 10 amendments, and was named the Bill of Rights. They guaranteed freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right of people to assemble, the right of people to ask the government with petitions, the right of people not to be searched or seized unreasonably, and the right to use impartial jury.

Modern Standards of Human Rights Despite the adoption of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, after that slavery and discrimination against American Indians, women and other groups continued many years later. And the struggle for the rights primarily, the rights of Afro-Americans turned into a civil war.

During the period of reconstruction period after the Civil War that lasted 12 years "Reconstruction Amendments" was added to the Constitution expanding civil rights for Americans. In response to Reconstruction, a number of organizations of southerners, including Ku Klux Klan, opposed the implementation of the civil rights of Afro-American people.

Women and the struggle for equality essay

In the end, the Republican government lost the support of the voters from the southern states, and the Democrats returned to power in the South. They did not restore slavery, but they adopted discriminatory laws, called Jim Crow laws. Bythe army's participation in governance in the South had been discontinued.

As a result, African Americans became second-class citizens, and the racist principles of white supremacy still prevailed in public opinion. The United States played a leading role in decolonization and gave independence to the Philippines in In the civil rights movement of the black population was launched in the USA.

It put the end to official racial discrimination of citizens. Martin Luther King and other supporters of the human rights movement were its opponents. Their activity lead to the cancellation of this principle in schools, universities, in the area of public transportation, voting rights, and public places cafes etc.

The movement led to the establishment of substantial equality.The Struggle to Gain Equality: A Study of Native American Woman in Literature Words | 7 Pages Respect Frees Women from Inequality In "Woman: Myth and Reality," Simone De Beauvoir describes the myth of the Eternal Feminine which creates inequality between men and women.

After more than years, gender equality is still more goal than reality in the Rio Olympic Games where there are more men's events () than women's and mixed events (). The struggle for women’s equality has two aspects: it is a democratic struggle and an economic one.

Both are playing a critical role in the all-people’s coalition that is surging forward today, as evidenced in the current elections.

In patriarchal societies, women struggle facing equality to men. The gender gap in politics is growing and effecting women’s health, economics, and education. It is ridiculous to believe in the government is still debating whether or not women should have access to birth control. The majority of women still stayed at home and took care of the household and children.

The idea of socialism brought women more respect. With the idea of socialism women gained some standing in society as close equals to men. In a socialistic society everyone is equal, including women.

This idea of equality women in the past could not even in vision. Women's Equality Essay examples - Women's Fight for Social Equality If I were to teach a class that dealt with the twentieth century in America, I would choose to make my focus the women's struggle for social equality.

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