The vietnam toxic waste scandals of 2016

Email Chen Yuan Cheng top Cchairman of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp, delivers an apology in a video clip projected during a press conference in Hanoi announcing the reason of the recent mass fish deaths in central Vietnam, June 30, A Vietnamese government investigation into the April spill determined that the release of toxic chemicals including cyanide from the plant caused the fish kill and the company, a subsidiary of the Formosa Plastics Group, apologized for the spill. An untold number of people were sickened when they ate the fish, and the disaster sparked rare protests across Vietnam, creating a crisis for the government.

The vietnam toxic waste scandals of 2016

Vietnamese enforcement agencies reported 50 illegal discharges of toxic waste this year, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. He said businesses like the cement, steel, fertilizer, and mining industries had exploited natural resources and caused the majority of environmental incidents.

Vietnam Environment Administration is finalizing the procedures to penalize the polluters. Foreign-invested firms accounted for 60 percent of companies caught discharging waste that exceeds the allowable standards, according to the GSO. The center warned that pollution and natural disasters could cost the country about 0.

And by the end of April, an estimated tons of fish had piled up on central beaches. Photo by AFP On June 30, the government announced that the Taiwanese-owned steel plant was responsible for dumping toxic chemicals, including cyanide, phenols and iron hydroxide, into the ocean.

The mass fish deaths have ravaged fisheries, disrupted lives and hampered tourism.

The vietnam toxic waste scandals of 2016

A government report issued in July found the disaster had harmed the livelihoods of more thanpeople, including 41, fishermen. Water and fish samples collected in Thach Thanh District showed industrial pollution had claimed over 18 tons of fish and affected at least 34 fish farming households.

At least three sugar plants in the neighboring province of Hoa Binh later came forward and admitted to having illegally discharged untreated wastewater into the river. They agreed to compensate the affected farmers. The spill reportedly penetrated square meters of surrounding soil before seeping into the nearby Dak Sao stream.

Local people say the stream turned abnormally opaque before filling with dead fish.In , the toxic waste from the Formosa steel plant, owned by Taiwanese owners, caused a massive disaster in the marine life of Vietnam.

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