Research paper on automotive industry

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Research paper on automotive industry

As a staff member in a major consulting firm, I have noticed several issues affecting competition in the automobile industry. The major competitors of the industry, as well as their market shares, have greatly affected the increased amount of competition in this industry.

An oligopoly form of competition has taken place in the automobile industry; several forms of competition have also taken position, including price competition, product differentiation and price discrimination.

Several issues have also affected the competition in the automobile industry.

Automotive Industry Research & Market Reports

The move for automobile manufacturers to more fuel-efficient, or hybrid vehicles and the promise of new markets are two issues I will address regarding competition in the auto industry.

As each issue is! A brief description of the market, forms of competition and current issues are summarized below. Competition changes because these factors have greatly influenced the automobile industry.

Description of Market Helping firms stay up to date with new product features and innovations, competition exists in every industry. How each firm reacts to competitiveness in their industry is closely related to the market share of each industry.

Research paper on automotive industry

Ford comes in next with A more thorough description of all major market shares can be found in the Appendix, in Figure 1. Japanese auto manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda and Nissan, account for S, while all other foreign manufacturers can only account for In a recent survey, Toyota was r!

New customers and competitors are present everywhere in the auto industry. With a small number of firms and few large sellers, competition becomes aggressive in this industry as manufacturers compete by reacting to each other?

Each automobile manufacturer is selling similar, branded autos, but the industry still struggles to predict the reaction their rival firms Miller, Barriers to entry, including government regulations, pricing, customer loyalty and research and development, have allowed this industry to become overly competitive; legal barriers, patents and control over supplies are all factors that present barriers to entry in the auto industry.

The concentration in the auto industry depends solely on the percentage of total sales by the leaders of the industry. These manufacturers account for over half of the sales in the U.

With this description of the automobile market, we can see how few large firms gain the most market share by aggressive competition. Forms of Competition Competition in an oligopolistic industry affects the consumer as well as the manufacturer and their competitors.

Price competition greatly affects the auto industry; each major industry knows how the others will set their prices and in reaction to this, set their own prices and quantities. They collaborate in order to charge competing prices and raise profits Bossong-Martinez, How to Write a Research Paper on Industry Analysis of the Paper Industry.

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