Qca writing analysis grid

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Qca writing analysis grid

Foundation to KS 4 All years Cross-curricular KS1 Content Evaluation by Linda Holland Description Clicker 5 is a writing support and multimedia tool for children of all abilities, which can be used to support teaching and learning in any subject area.

It has a talking word processor, called Clicker Writer. The student can write in this without using the keyboard, by simply clicking on words in the onscreen Clicker Grid.

qca writing analysis grid

Individual words can be heard before they are chosen, and completed sentences can be read back to the writer. Some common words can have automatic picture support, and other images, videos and sounds can be imported from files or the Internet. Purpose of the Program The program could be used by individuals or pairs on standalone computers, or by the whole class in the computer suite.

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It would also be effective for group or class teaching using the interactive whiteboard, when the children could come up to choose and write whole words with a single touch.

Teacher Controls Clicker Writer settings for speech and highlighting, spellchecking, line spacing, font and text can be set by the teacher to apply whenever a particular Grid Set is opened. Changes can be made to the software speech voice used to speak text, and to the pitch and speed of that voice.

Some or all of the tools on the toolbars can be hidden, and the window size adjusted.

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With appropriate preparation by the teacher, Key Stage 1 children can use the program for sentence building and labelling, using word banks and writing frames, and making simple talking books.

It could strongly support the following learning objectives from the Primary Framework for Literacy: Clicker 5 is a tool that can be used in any curriculum area, and it includes useable examples of applications in Literacy, Geography, History, Science and Maths.

Online resources within Clicker also cover a range of curriculum areas and can be accessed via the LearningGrids website.For all weight classes except Peewee, individual eggs are subject to a weight minimum: no egg must be so light that a dozen of the lightest would weigh less than one ounce below the minimum.

qca writing analysis grid

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