Physical education 4 part lesson plan

Students will be able to identify circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Introduction Gather the students where they can watch the music videos.

Physical education 4 part lesson plan

Refinements Applications Stand facing the wall with a volleyball between both palms. Lift both arms up at the same time and toss the ball just overhead.

With an open hand hit the ball to the wall. Toss overhead and hit with an open hand. Can you get the ball to bounce off the wall straight back to you? Stand facing the wall with a volleyball between both palms.

Lift both arms up at the same time and toss the ball overhead. Take your hitting hand back by bending at the elbow and swing forward and hit the ball to the wall. Open hand hit with hitting elbow high.


How many times can you toss and hit in a row? Toss the ball up and as you hit break your wrist, bringing your hand down over the ball. Break your wrist over the ball. How close to the floor can you hit the wall with the ball? Same task except jump a few inches off the ground before you make contact with the ball.

Physical education 4 part lesson plan

Can you jump higher and meet the ball higher in the air? Toss the ball high into the air, bring your arms down and use them to help you jump higher. Can you jump high and hit the ball to the wall close to the floor?

This segment of the lesson focus should have a brisk pace. You may only want to spend minutes in this phase of the lesson of course this is dependent upon what you are teaching and how the students are doing.

The next part of the Lesson Focus should be more game like. The games that students play should allow for maximal practice opportunities and focus on the cues learned in the prior phase of the lesson.

These may be self, partner, small, or large group activities. Remember, large group activities lend themselves more to social comparisons, and also make it more difficult to give individual feedback regarding performance. The following is an example of how we might continue our spiking lesson.

Game like portion of lesson focus. In the middle of the gym, you have already set up numerous standards with a slanty rope or net between them 4 feet up to approx. Have students get in groups of and get across the net from another group of Each person gets a low density foam ball very light weight the size of a volleyball.

The object of the game is to practice your volleyball spike over the slanty rope and try to hit the opposing team with your spike. You may spike the ball from any point on the rope.

Physical education 4 part lesson plan

If you get hit with a spike, run to the wall, pick up a volleyball, practice 3 spikes to the wall, put the ball back down and run back to the game. A spike that does not go over the rope cannot get you out. Any spike that is not hit with an open hand cannot get you out.

Depending on how this activity is going you may play it for minutes.Get the scoop on designing your own gym class with a lesson plan written by a passionate physical education teacher who details their best practices from setting up the room, to the first day of class, to how to spend the teaching day.

Physical Education 4 Part Lesson Plan. Lesson Plan in Physical Education (P.E.) IV I. Objectives A. Describes the correct concept of good posture; B. Exhibits the value of discipline; and C.

Demonstrates the correct sitting and standing postures. II. Subject Matter A. Topic Correct Body Posture B. References Lesson Plans in Physical Education 4. Below is's pre K through 5th comprehensive lesson plan library, created by educators. From our free math, reading & writing, and science lesson plans, learning will be enjoyable and meaningful for every student.

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