How to write a weather forecast in spanish

Gather students and assign roles This varies depending on your production, but here are the typical roles you can assign to students these roles can be doubled up depending on the number of students in the class: Delivers the weather forecast on and off camera. May stand on a green screen or chroma key background to deliver the forecast if you have one. Researches the upcoming weather events and data and compiles information for the weather forecast.

How to write a weather forecast in spanish

Tenses are really important too, especially when it comes to describing the weather in Spanish in the past tense or present tense ,not to mention the future tense for a Spanish weather forecast.

Ha estado lloviendo en las ultimas semanas. Read translation Today the weather is very nice. It is warm and sunny outside, so I can go out and buy some things and take a walk.

The temperature is 32 degrees It is not so hot.

how to write a weather forecast in spanish

It has been raining in recent weeks. Yesterday it rained in the morning, so I hope it will not rain today. I think last year it rained more than this year. Algunas personas piensan que es muy caliente.

Read translation The weather is quite nice in tropical countries. Some people think it is very hot. In the dry season the weather is quite hot in the months of April and May. When the rainy season begins, the temperatures go down a little. The rainy season is warm too.

December and January are very cold months.

how to write a weather forecast in spanish

Most of the time you will hear a combination of different tenses in order to compare the temperatures from previous days with new ones or to compare other weather conditions. Make sure to add tilde to the last vowel of the verbs in the future when they finish in vowels, e.

Spanish weather forecast script translation Today we will have a very good day with normal temperatures ranging from 30 degrees north to 34 south.

Clear skies and no rain, unlike the previous days. The weather will stay sunny for a couple of days. On weekend, it will begin raining again due to a tropical storm that is moving across the Atlantic Ocean and will arrive to the country on Friday night.

Key expressions in the conversation: Describing the weather in Spanish This short quiz will test your ability to listen and understand the content of the previous conversations. Read each question carefully and find the right answer. Start Congratulations - you have completed Listening Quiz: Describing the weather in Spanish.Hi.

My name is Kayla and my name is Sophia. Today is August 3, As you look at the map you see we have a very big weather change. In the south part of the state we have warm weather and it is sunny!

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The temperature is in the 80 degree area. As we move up, there are many clouds and the weather drops a lot. In this lesson, I will teach you ten common weather expressions: steal someone's thunder, get wind of something, be on cloud nine, weather a storm, take a rain check, rain on someone's parade, storm out, take by storm, under the weather, and calm before the storm.

Take our quiz by storm after this video. This free audio lesson is all about Spanish weather phrases. If you find yourself with nothing left to say to your new Spanish-speaking friends, you can always talk about the weather.

Imagine that you are on the phone to a friend in Spain and want to ask what the weather is like over there.

Weather: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts. Vocabulary about the weather in English We have divided this vocabulary into different categories to make it easier. Idiom To rain heavily Torrential rain:
Weather Maps | Free Lesson Plans | Teachers Weather station scripts They're free, but use at your own risk The scripts referenced here are used in the operation of this weather station, and may be freely copied and used to support your station.
Writing a script for a Spanish weather forecast – El pronóstico del clima This activity helps students master phrases associated with various types of weather. Step 1 — Get some index cards and a sharpie before class.

Weather Forecasting Lesson Plans, Activities, and Interactive Resources Student Weather Forecast Students forecast the weather for the week and keep track of their predictions.

Students will use both the weather instruments they previously made and the Internet to collect and record weather measurements for your city as well as two other cities over a . Have them use their knowledge of Spanish weather words to write tomorrow's forecast in Spanish to hand in the next class.

You may choose to have the students illustrate a mini poster to present in.

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