Hamlets behavior towards ophelia essay

This is similar to one of Shakespeare's other tragedies, Macbeth, where Macbeth goes weaves all sorts of flowery expressions of grief over a king he himself killed. In this act, we do not see Hamlet much but are gradually introduced by others to the notion that he Ophelia's Role In William Shakespeare's Hamlet words - 5 pages female, serving to play up the over-powering character traits of the largely pivotal male players.

Hamlets behavior towards ophelia essay

Hamlet is debating himself between what is going around him about what is really happening and his illusions. He is not certain that if what he sees, meaning his death father.

We don't actually see Hamlet's behavior in the scene, we have to imagine his actions based on Ophelia's telling of his actions to her father, Polonius. From Ophelia's description, it seems that. Hamlet”: A Misogynist Essay Sample. Gertrude, and to some extent his “love,” Ophelia. Hamlets remarks at the two women in his life can lead a reader to believe he is a misogynist. The way Ophelia is treated by Hamlet shows his vision towards all women. He treats Ophelia as just another women as he judges her like the rest, who are all. Hamlet's rash behavior worsens through his failed attempt at revenge, as Hamlet mistakens Polonius for the King and kills him. These events drive Hamlet further toward insanity. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet's state of mind has spurred out of control, leading us to believe that he is truly insane.

Hamlet puts himself in a situation where he does not have the courage to accept he wants to kill his uncle. Hamlet is not certain that if what he sees and hears can be real or idealistic, he does not have the courage to accept that it was himself ho wanted to kill his uncle in memory of his father.

Claudius on the other hand, cannot understand the certainty of what is going on with his nephew.

Hamlets behavior towards ophelia essay

The Complexity of Action The complexity of action in the play Hamlet is based on thinking. On how can someone can act reasonable and with purpose of what you are doing. Here in this tragedy Hamlet acts always by instinct, not as a reasonable person and always with violence and blaming it on the thought that his dead father is advising him on doing any action which involves revenge.

He covers every action he does by thinking it is the right thing to do, but is not actually the appropriate thing to do. A this point we can compare our lives with that is actually going on around us, we are based on reason, effectiveness, emotionally, ethical and psychological.

The Mystery of Death In the story its starts out with hamlets father the kings murdered, hamlet is with the thing of having to having to be placed in a bad potion thinking in many things. Hamlet starts to fgure things out and starts thinking if this was something that his uncle might have done for power or if he is Just thinking in a wrong way.

Hamlets behavior towards ophelia essay

By him thinking this he started to see his father figure. He ponders both the spiritual aftermath of death, embodied in the ghost, and the physical remainders of the dead, such as by Yoricks skull and the ecaying corpses in the cemetery.

The question of his own death plagues Hamlet as well, as he repeatedly contemplates whether or not suicide is a morally legitimate ction in an unbearably painful world. The Nation as a Diseased Body Everything is connected in Hamlet, including the welfare of the royal family and the health of the state as a whole.

The plays early scenes explore the sense of anxiety and dread that surrounds the transfer of power from one ruler to the next. Throughout the play, characters draw explicit connections between the moral legitimacy of a ruler and the health of the nation. The dead King Hamlet is portrayed as a strong, forthright ruler under whose guard the state was in good health, while Claudius, a wicked politician, has corrupted and compromised Denmark to satisfy his own appetites.

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At the end of the play, the rise to power of the upright Fortinbras suggests that Denmark will be strengthened once again. Motifs Incest and Incestuous Desire The motif of incest runs throughout the play and is frequently alluded to by Hamlet and the ghost, most obviously in conversations about Gertrude and Claudius, the former brother-in-law and sister-in-law who are now married.

A subtle motif of incestuous desire can be found in the relationship of Laertes and Ophelia, as Laertes sometimes speaks to his sister in suggestively sexual terms and, at her funeral, leaps into her grave to hold her in his arms.

In Hamlet, physical objects are rarely used to represent thematic ideas. One important exception is Yoricks skull, which Hamlet discovers in the graveyard in the irst scene of Act V.

This latter idea is an important motif throughout the play, as Hamlet frequently makes omments referring to every human bodys eventual decay, noting that Polonius will be eaten by worms, that even kings are eaten by worms, and that dust from the decayed body of Alexander the Great might be used to stop a hole in a beer barrel.Hamlet Six Subplots Essay.

There are six subplots to the play Hamlet - Hamlet Six Subplots Essay introduction. These plots include Fortinbras Incursion, Ophelia’s Story, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s story, Polonius’ espial on Hamlet, the Play Within the Play, and Hamlet’s banishment to England.

Hamlet is a good example of a son’s treatment of his mother reflecting how he will treat the woman he loves because when considering Hamlet’s attitude and treatment of the Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, one must first consider how Hamlet treated his mother.

A characteristic of Hamlet’s personality is to make broad, sweeping generalizations and nowhere is this more evident than in his . This Hamlet essay example investigates the causes for internal tragedy, and analyzes changes in the character Hamlet throughout the plot.

In the tragedy Hamlet, William Shakespeare uses the plot of ancient legend and old English play. Hamlet’s behavior throughout the play especially towards Ophelia is unsuitable.

She describes Hamlet’s extremely strange behavior when he came into her room wearing sordid pants, unbuckled around his ankles.

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Hamlet's rash behavior worsens through his failed attempt at revenge, as Hamlet mistakens Polonius for the King and kills him. These events drive Hamlet further toward insanity.

Hamlet: Ophelias Dilemma | Critical Essays | CliffsNotes Hamlets Insanity Essay words - 5 pages bitterness and anger towards his uncle so much that he loses sight compassion for life and love.

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet's state of mind has spurred out of control, leading us to believe that he is truly insane. This unusual behavior towards Ophelia can be seen from this point of view that Hamlet’s faith in women is shattered by his mother’s remarriage and it is also possible that Hamlet may realize that Ophelia would not also go beyond the restricted boundary that is .

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