Essays on privacy in the workplace

A new social philosophy, neoliberalism, was transforming society, including the nature of employment, and career counsellors and business writers had to respond. The Soviet Union had recently collapsed, and much as communist thinkers had tried to apply Marxist ideas to every aspect of life, triumphant US economic intellectuals raced to implement the ultra-individualist ideals of Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman and other members of the Mont Pelerin Society, far and wide. In doing so for work, they developed a metaphor — that every person should think of herself as a business, the CEO of Me, Inc.

Essays on privacy in the workplace

However, whether or not privacy is protected by law or contract, respecting privacy in the workplace makes good business sense.

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Some of the major privacy rights issues addressed at many companies are: However, employees still have legal means to assert their rights.

Employees may also have enforceable rights to privacy under collective agreements. This the employee handbook should address these agreements. Good privacy practice is not just about avoiding complaints, grievances, or lawsuits.

Whether or not privacy is protected by law or contract, fostering a workplace culture where privacy is valued and respected contributes to morale and mutual trust, and makes good business sense. When an employer states a policy regarding any issue in the workplace, including privacy issues, that policy is legally binding.

Policies can be communicated in various ways: For example, if an employer explicitly states that employees will be notified when telephone monitoring takes place, the employer generally must honor that policy. There are usually exceptions for investigations of wrongdoing. Employers want to be sure their employees are doing a good job, but employees do not want their every move or trip to the bathroom logged.

Unless company policy specifically states otherwise, the employer may listen, watch and read most of your workplace communications. Employers may monitor calls with clients or customers for reasons of quality control.

If the call is personal, he or she must immediately stop monitoring the call. When employees are told not to make personal calls from specified business phones, the employee then takes the risk that calls on those phones may be monitored.

The company could advise that the best way to ensure the privacy of personal calls made at work is to use a mobile phone, a pay phone, or a separate phone designated by the employer for personal calls.

Conversations with co-workers are subject to monitoring by the employer in the same way that conversations with clients or customers are. A device called a pen register can record telephone numbers dialed from phone extensions. It allows the employer to see a list of phone numbers dialed by that extension and the length of each call.

This information may be used to evaluate the amount of time spent by employees with clients. Since the employer owns the computer network and the terminals, he or she is free to use them to monitor employees.

If the company uses an e-mail system, the employer owns it and is allowed to review its contents. Messages sent within the company as well as those that are sent from a terminal to another company or from another company to you can be subject to monitoring by the employer. The same holds true for voice mail systems.

In general, employees should not assume that these activities are not being monitored and are private. Electronic and voice mail systems retain messages in memory even after they have been deleted.

Although it appears they are erased, they are often permanently "backed up" on magnetic tape, along with other important data from the computer system.

The need to monitor employees revolves around five areas of potential liability: Employees could also create liability by copyright infringement, by downloading software without the licensing rights.

The right to privacy is the protection against having a society in which the government completely controls the people’s lives, and requires the government to protect individuals from privacy invasion by . First-time applicants and re-applicants are required to complete both essays. The Admissions Committee wants to get to know you on both a professional and personal level. I've had to read a slew of leadership books for my doctorate -- as for a collection of thoughtful essays, this is one of the best. It's well organized, well laid out and has almost every major thinker represented.

When a company has a strict policy on internet and e-mail use, they are covering themselves from possible litigation from improper use. However, the employer must act quickly when they find someone abusing it and react equally.

Essays on privacy in the workplace

Otherwise, they take the risk of appearing to be discriminative.First-time applicants and re-applicants are required to complete both essays.

The Admissions Committee wants to get to know you on both a professional and personal level. Technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. The case is that the law always has difficulty keeping pace with new issues and technology and the few laws that are enacted are usually very general and obsucre.

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