Comparison of the movies roots and amistad

Even though this is a work of fiction that Mr Haley apparently plagiarized it is a work of fiction based in historical fact. It seems some want a polished up version of history, a Gone With the Wind version that is still ugly if you look close enough at the nuances of the story.

Comparison of the movies roots and amistad

Part I[ edit ] John Adams addresses Captain Preston immediately after the massacre, while deliberating whether to defend the soldier; he says: Only three men were killed immediately: Samuel Maverick died the next morning, and Patrick Carr did not die until two weeks later.

Around the time of the trial, John Adams' son Charles is depicted playing with his sister, though he was not born until May 29, making him still an infant.

Comparison of the movies roots and amistad

Likewise, his older son John Quincy Adams was born in Julybut he is depicted as a near-adolescent. Samuel Adams is depicted as disapproving over John Adams' decision to defend Captain Preston and the other Boston Massacre soldiers, when no other lawyer would act as their counsel.

It's implied that the Sons of Liberty also disapproved, and that John for his part disapproved of their group. In fact, Samuel Adams encouraged his cousin John to take the case. In actuality, Captain Preston's trial took place on October 24 and ran through October 29, when he was found not guilty.

The eight soldiers were brought to trial weeks later in a separate trial that concluded on November Six of the soldiers were found not guilty, but Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Killroy were convicted of manslaughter.

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They both received brands on their right thumbs as punishment. Hancock and Samuel Adams then look on while the official is tarred and featheredto the disapproval of John Adams. The scene is fictional and does not appear in McCullough's book. According to Samuel Adams biographer Ira Stollthere's no evidence that Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were opposed to mob violence, were ever present at a tarring and feathering, and so the scene succeeds in "tarring the reputations of Hancock and Samuel Adams".

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The entire sequence is pure and pernicious fiction. In reality, the liquid known as tar in the 18th century was pine tara liquid which is more often light-brown in color. The tar that we know today is actually called petroleum tar or bitumen.

Pine tar also has a low melting point, and would not burn the skin the way that hot petroleum tar would. David McCullough 's biography makes no mention of a pulpit speech by John Adams after being chosen, in summerto be one of Massachusetts' representatives to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

The text for that speech, at the end of Part I, comes mainly from two documents Adams penned during the Stamp Act crisis 8 years earlier, apparently stitched together in the film so as to evoke the similar-sounding famous passage in the United States Declaration of Independenceabout men being created equal and endowed thereby with unalienable rights.

Adams instead of Jefferson might have served as lead author of the Declaration two years later, and might have foreshadowed key portions of it oratorically before leaving Massachusetts for Philadelphia, but actually did neither.

While rhetorically impressive in the film, the climactic final words of that speech, "Liberty will reign in America," appear to be a dramatic invention, not a passage Adams is known to have ever spoken or written.

Comparison of the movies roots and amistad

It offered more privacy than the Pennsylvania State House. The venue depicted for the Second Continental Congress, however, is correctly depicted as the Pennsylvania State House. John Adams did not ride to Lexington and Concord while the battle was still in progress; he visited on April 22, several days later.

Adams to believe that he had written it himself. In reality, General Knox's caravan almost certainly did not pass through Braintree.Since the early days of cinema, Rhode Island has been a prime filming location.

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John Adams is a American television miniseries chronicling most of U.S. President John Adams's political life and his role in the founding of the United States. Paul Giamatti portrays John Adams. The miniseries was directed by Tom Ellis wrote the screenplay based on the book John Adams by David biopic of John Adams and the story of the first 50 years of the.

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