Business plan zum verlieben online banking

Legal Disclosures and Information J. Power Mobile App Certification Program recognition is based on successful completion of an audit and exceeding a customer experience benchmark through a survey of recent servicing interactions.

Business plan zum verlieben online banking

Legal Hufsy terms We have gathered all our legal information in this section for your convenience. Please make sure to read all the information so you understand the terms of our agreement with you. If you have any questions please contact us at support hufsy.

In legal terms, only the German version is decisive. German law is applicable for the business relationship between you and Hufsy ApS. Provider of the Hufsy user interface and their contractual partner are: Please contact us with questions, wishes or complains: Hufsy service 1 Hufsy offers for the mobile application optimized, user friendly and transparent open-API-solution for the connection to platforms of banks or other third-party providers.

Thereby, Hufsy likes to provide young businesses and companies, particularly startups or freelancers, an app- and browser-based user interface, with the result that these can manage and administer their finances in one place, from getting a fast overview of the own finances and the processing of payments to supplementary value-added features and -services.

The terms of use of the respective providers are made available to the user in connection with the activation of the respective function. Hufsy enables the online banking for this giro account to the users through the usage of the provided app- or browser-based user interface.

For the purpose of the registration Hufsy collects the following data of the user: This consists of a username, which is identical to the given e-mail address as well as a password.

The e-mail address is verified business plan zum verlieben online banking the registration. Hufsy facilitates the user to conclude the Solaris-giro-contract online. Therefore, the necessary data for the verification of the account application of the solarisBank AG is queried in the course of the registration process, especially information about the registered office, tax residency FATCA and economic beneficiary according to money-laundering act GWG.

The necessary identification according to the money-laundering act is also possible online by means of videoident. Connection of smartphone with account To enable strong authentication multi-factor 2FA authentication by means of login-password and mTAN the smartphone of the users has to be connected with the Solaris-giro-account.

For the purpose of the first connection a one-time code is sent to the users via SMS to the given mobile phone number.

By typing in this one-time code in the Hufsy user interface, the smartphone of the user connects with the Solaris-giro-account.

Responsibility for login-data 1 The user has to keep the login-data including the password secret and give unauthorized third parties under no circumstances access.

If there are reasons to fear that unauthorized third parties gained or will gain knowledge of the login details Hufsy e-mail: The user is liable for all damages done through unauthorized usage of third parties unless the user cannot be blamed.

When this is the case, the user is informed in the input mask for the respective change. This is also shown to the user in the course of the respective change. Availability of user interface 1 Hufsy is providing the users the user interface according to these terms of use.

An entitlement of using the user interface and the functionalities only exists in the course of the respective current state-of-the-art.

business plan zum verlieben online banking

To the extent possible and reasonable, Hufsy informs the users regarding these limitations. Advices concerning this matter are also not subject of the service of Hufsy. Changes of functionalities 1 Hufsy reserves within reasonable limits and with regard to justified interests of users to introduce changes or improvements of services against payments, whereby the essential of the respective function remains unchanged and at most constituent margin functions in the course of other changes or improvement are cancelled without replacement.

Intellectual property 1 Every usage, reproduction, copy, distribution of one or more elements of the user interface for other purposes other than the conduct of the contract is forbidden. Licenses or other rights of any form, especially of copyrights and industrial property rights like inventions, patents, utility models, know-how or brands, also as far as these rights are embodied in the Hufsy contents are neither entitled nor conferred to the user.

As far as it is necessary to carry out the contract purpose, the user is given a non-exclusive, non-transferable, not sublicensable and on the contract term temporary limited usage right of the foregoing rights, exclusively for the conduct and achievement of the contract purpose. All other usages, reproductions or presentations are only permitted with explicit prior approval of Hufsy.

Liability 1 The distinct through the Hufsy interface accessible services and functions — bank- and financial services, analytical tools, accountancy tools or other add-on services — are thereby not provided by Hufsy itself, but from third-party providers, which deliver these in their own responsibility.

A verification of accuracy and topicality of the offered contents of the providers does not take place. Husy is therefore not responsible for these contents.Enjoy finest brasserie classics and cocktails from around the world at The Bank Brasserie & Bar, an authentic space to enjoy whisky and cigars in the Living Room or the perfect place for an afternoon tea or a quiet drink before dinner at the Lounge.

business plan zum verlieben online banking

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