Australian aboriginal art

The Story of Aboriginal Art You are here: The first evidence of Aboriginal ethos or philosophy is evident in the still visible rock art which dates back more than 20, years.

Australian aboriginal art

Australian aboriginal art

Australian Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery since We guarantee the authenticity of all art We also offer you 20 years of online experience. We have been selling authentic Australian Aboriginal art online longer than anybody else. Buy Traditional Aboriginal Art, For Sale Online and in Australia Drawing from a rich history of Dreamtime storytelling, Aboriginal art beautifully displays the diverse nations that make up this great land.

Dreamtime stories in the artwork Stretching back millennia, the Dreamtime stories represent the origins of humanity, animals the world, telling the viewer how the earth and land intersects with the sacred world — how both influence each other. Passed along through the generations with the spoken word, the stores speak of survival, and are often a grim overview of the world.

Our artists We are fortunate to be positioned in an area of Darwin that is in close proximity to several key Indigenous art sites. As such, we are able to see artists at work as they create dramatically rich visual stories.

Their entire artistic practice is informed by the forty thousand year Dreamtime histories and the diverse stories that have come out of the peoples of our great land.

Authentic artwork techniques Talented in their form and processes, the artists use traditional symbols and colours to tell the story. Their dot paintings are drawn from an ancient artwork style, displaying a connection to the stories of the earth and ethereal worlds.

Each presents their own unique take on the style, with some choosing to place tiny, precise dots on the canvas, and others representing their message with a wave of large dots. Generally, older artists choose to follow the less formulaic style, expressing themselves Traditionally, the artists would use ochre, a rich clay material taken from the earth.

In the reds, browns and blacks taken from the ground of the desert, the artists would create scenes representative of nature. Today, however, the artists tend towards acrylic-based paints, which offer them a wider scope of colours through which to represent their messages.

How to buy authentic Aboriginal art for sale online To buy a stunning piece of authentic Australian Aboriginal artwork online, our art consultants are always available for consultation.

Contact us to discuss your acquisition or investment. Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery is a founding member of the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association, which was established to promote the ethical trade of indigenous art.Galleries. Welcome to our Aboriginal Art galleries.

Central Art specialises in the acquisition of quality Australian Aboriginal artworks from Central and Desert region of Central Australia.

Australian Aboriginal art is one of the oldest continuing art traditions in the world. Much of the most important knowledge of aboriginal society was conveyed through different kinds of storytelling—including narratives that were spoken, performed as dances or songs, and those that were painted.

Buy Traditional Aboriginal Art, For Sale Online and in Australia.

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Drawing from a rich history of Dreamtime storytelling, Aboriginal art beautifully displays the diverse nations that make up this great land.

Australian Aboriginal Art for Kids After we discussed this artwork, I introduced the Aboriginal people and discussed their history a bit. Art from the Indigenous people of Australia is the oldest and longest running consistent tradition of art in the world.

At Indigenous Instyle you can be sure you are buying authentic Australian Aboriginal art. Aboriginal art is well sort after and now many great museums and private art collections in Australia and around the world hold Australian Aboriginal art from the same artists we represent.

Australian Aboriginal Art is an excellent way to enhance any Australian art collection. Pick out the time period and ethnicity from the listed items shown here to fit your needs. You can consider new or previously owned Australian Aboriginal Art on eBay and make your dollars go further.

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